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EXCITING NEWS!! You've been asking, and we've heard.

The OM Practice Club is back!! That's right, the club of OM practitioners getting together to deepen their practice and expand their consciousness (you don't know what you don't know!) is BACK IN ACTION!

Each week we'll cover a different topic in OM, and answer all your questions. How on earth do I do a good towel stroke? Where is the clit? How do I ask for what I want without making the stroker feel bad?!

We'll be doing exercises, technical demos, Q&A with senior level instructors, and homework each week.

And of course - find more people you want to partner with!

The OPC is like a gym membership, but for your orgasm. $99/mo, plus a $100 initiation fee.

And until tomorrow (Friday) midnight we are waiving the initiation fee!

Every Wednesday, 8-9:30pm!

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  • Unlimited visits
  • Any location

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